Photo Submission Guidelines

Helpful Guidelines for Parents
PLEASE NOTE that we are no longer accepting submissions of printed photographs. All photo submissions should now be uploaded to our Double Takes page.

What makes a photograph suitable for publication?

  • Sharp focus
  • Crisp, clean, vivid color (no blue or yellow cast)
  • Good, attractive lighting (no high shadow contrasts, no “red eye”)
  • Uncluttered backgrounds
  • Happy children interacting with each other
  • High-definition photographs are particularly welcome

We’re sorry, but we cannot accept any professional photographs unless accompanied by a full release for use by the photograph owner. Even these will be scrutinized and a call to the photographer may be initiated. 

By sending a photograph to TWINS Magazine, the sender automatically releases all ownership rights to TWINS™ Magazine. TWINS™ Magazine will have the right to use images in any digital or printed editions of the magazine, as well as on and in any other marketing or promotional materials.