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Some Quick Facts

  • TWINS™ Magazine is proud to be the world leading #1 Parenting Magazine for Twins, Triplets and Higher Order Multiples since 1984!  Reach thousands of families that represent a market of more than 3.7 billion in purchasing power!
  • For the more than 34 years, TWINS™ Magazine has been the #1 resource families turn to for valuable tips and specific information on raising their multiples.
  • Did you know that TWINS™ Magazine has one of the most active and popular web presence for families with twins/multiples and boasts over 1 million posts on our online message board forum?
  • Did you know that TWINS™ Magazine has the largest and most active social media network and continues to grow daily? Our Facebook page currently has an average weekly reach of over 12 MILLION+ people and close to 160,000 fans and growing!  We also have almost 12,000 follows on Twitter and a growing Pinterest following, too!
  • When you advertise in TWINS™ Magazine and at your company’s message will reach more than 230,000 families with twins, triplets and higher order multiples!  Our 33 years of experience and expertise have given us the reputation as the ONLY national/international parenting magazine for twins, triplets, and higher order multiples!
  • TWINS™ Magazine is what busy and active parents turn to for advice and information important to raising multiples.  They also purchase products and enlist in the services they see advertised in our magazine and here at
  • TWINS™ Magazine provides all the latest and greatest information specifically geared to parenting multiples bi-monthly (6) six times a year: Jan/Feb; Mar/Apr; May/June; Jul/Aug; Sept/Oct and our annual Holiday Gift Guide issue.
  • TWINS™ Magazine readers are loyal, affluent and support the advertisers inside the magazine and on our website by purchasing double and triple the products and services of those families with only one child.


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