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Desperate Dad Says He May Tattoo His Identical Twins to Tell Them Apart!

by Twins Magazine

As parents of twins we know how difficult and challenging life is when you are caring for two infants at the same time… The constant feedings and diaper changes and lack of sleep can be a rough ride. Throw in the fact that you have identical twins making it almost impossible to tell them apart and one baby has a serious medical condition… What can parents do to tell their identical twins apart?

One desparate dad recently turned to social media for advice.  According to the Mirror, the unidentified dad sought help on Reddit, admitting that he and his wife have “tried everything” to tell them apart.  They have tried nail polish, bracelets, and anklets, and even color-coded their sons’ clothes. However, the couple are absolutely seeking a permanent solution.

One of their boys (Aaron) has a serious health condition that requires medication every 4 hours. “If Aaron doesn’t have his medication it leads to significant consequences. [The boys] are completely identical. Even me and my wife can’t tell them apart and have been drawing on Adam’s arm every day with permanent marker,” he wrote.

So why not continue to draw on his son’s arm with permanent marker? Well, it came off in the bathtub at Grandma’s house, and Grandma accidentally gave Aaron’s medication to Adam. Aaron got sick, and Adam landed in the hospital for a week.

“I really hate to say it, but we are here. I need to do something permanent. I could have lost both my sons last weekend and I’m desperate,” he wrote. “I am really only after permanent solutions. Believe me when I say we have tried everything else before and it didn’t work.”

The father said he had heard about other people tattooing a single dot on one twin, and also read about piercing ears.

The Mirror says other Reddit users quickly sympathized with the father, with one admitting her friend got a small dot tattooed on the bottom of one boy’s foot.

Another Reddit user also suggested henna tattoos as being a better, less permanent solution.

What advice would you give these desparate parents?  What are some of the ways YOU were able to tell your identical twins apart in the early months (or even now?)

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