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Fun Easy Activities To Do At Home With Kids

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I bet you are all bored about now, am I right? This quarantine has been tough for everyone! I am not sure when ‘normal’ will ever be though or if our old normal will ever come back. Probably not and if it does, it will be a long time from now 🙁 My kids are getting SO bored. I actually feel sorry for them. The reason I started this blog was to help keep my kids entertained during this stay at home time. I want fun activities and crafts for my kids to do to help keep their minds creative and my kids BUSY, in a good way. Below, are some super fun easy activities to do at home with kids. Hopefully, this list of creative ideas will keep your kids busy for a bit.

Fun Easy Activities To Do At Home With Kids

Whether it is rainy where you live or warming up outside, these fun easy activities to do at home with kids will keep your little ones busy and engaged for at least a little bit! Every bit helps, right?

1. This craft is FUN! Make a rain stick! This DIY Rain Stick from Must Have Mom is the perfect craft activity for those cold and rainy days when your child can’t go outside. This craft is made from a paper towel roll and is so colorful and fun.

2. Like slime? Of course, you do!! Well, of course, your KIDS does!!!! I know my daughter is obsessed with homemade slime! What child isn’t? Find out how to make this kid’s slime recipe for slurp juice slime from Shop with Me Mama. This slime is Fortnite inspired! This is so much fun to make but even MORE, fun to play with!
3. Chihuly Macchia (Glass Bowls) Kids Craft from The Suburban Mom, is another fun easy activity for kids of all ages. You should have all the things on hand, in your home already! Each one will turn out unique! Get your kids busy, making this fun craft!
4. This Lion Paper Plate Craft from That Bald Chick is not only cute but so fun for kids to make! This craft is also educational because as you are making it with your kids, you can talk about lions! You can make any craft-making session educational, that is why crafts are so important, especially right now with the quarantine going on. Keep your kid’s minds busy, in a good way!
5. Do your kid’s love painting things? Then they will absolutely LOVE this step by step Fairy Rock Art craft from Everyday Best! Everyone has rocks in their driveway or around their home, right? Grab a few rocks, wash them off and dry them. Then, paint them! This is always a fun and easy activity for kids!
6. Do you have mismatched socks lying around? Then put them to good use! Make some monster sock puppets from Jinxy Kids! So fun and simple to make. Your kids can use their imagination and go wild creating their perfect monster sock puppet! Add some googly eyes and other fun accessories you find around the house, and you got yourself one scary puppet! 
7. This is a fun easy activity for older kids. Make homemade blueberry soap! I absolutely LOVE this one so much. Not only because it smells so dang good, but it is so good for your skin! Right now, it is a good time to make homemade products because a lot of the stores are not open right now. All of the ingredients to make this soap can be found on
8. Since it is springtime now, I thought these adorable and easy-to-make Popsicle Stick Chicks from That Bald Chick would be so fun to make! 
9. If your kids love fish, here is a fun easy craft for them to make! These easy rainbow fish from Jinxy Kids are great and you can make them as colorful as you like! Since this handmade fish is inspired by the book ‘The Rainbow Fish‘ by Marcus Pfister, you can read the book to your child before they make this craft. 
10. Do your little ones love pirates? If they do, they will be so excited about making a floating pirate ship from Everyday Best! And, it is made out of recyclables! Yay! The best part? It really floats!
Some other great ideas are creating a ‘home‘ out of a cardboard box. Save those cardboard boxes and let your children get creative with them. Such an inexpensive way to get your kid’s brains active. When I was little, my dad would bring home those huge refrigerator cardboard boxes and my siblings and I would attach them and make big houses! It was SO much fun!
We would cut doors in them (my dad helped with that part) and then attach them together to make one big house for us kids to play in! We decorated the walls inside by painting them, coloring them and drawing on them. I will never forget how much fun we had doing this together!
While everyone is still adjusting to this new ‘stay at home‘ scenario, it is so important to keep your kid’s brains active. The activities and crafts I listed above, will help give you a headstart. It is important to help kids stay active too, so once these crafts are completed, get your kids outside for some fun, free time! My next article will be suggestions on how to keep your kids busy outside. Sneak peek, my outdoor scavenger hunt free printable and water balloon fights 😉
Let me know if your kids make these fun easy indoor activities to do at home. I would love to hear about how the crafts turned out! 
How are you holding up during this quarantine? What things are you doing to stay busy at home?

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