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We welcome your story pitches and ideas for editorial consideration for our blog and upcoming issues of TWINS™ Magazine! Bring ’em on!

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a published, professional writer or not. Twins, siblings, extended families, friends, parent of twins – you have a great story to share with the rest of the Twinsphere!

Share your Story here!

We’re currently accepting all story pitches, ideas, video, and photos. Some of our sections to consider:

Ages and Stages – This section covers issues that arise while raising twins through the various stages of childhood. Articles featured in this section generally offer advice and practical tips for the following ages and stages: Pregnancy, Infants, Toddlers, Pre-School, School-age, and Teenage twins.

LOL: Laugh-Out-Loud – Seriously, twin life can be freaking hilarious. Talk about what it’s like being or raising twins/multiples in today’s often wacky world – share a reason to smile!

Parent to Parent – Are you a mom, dad or caregiver of twins/multiples with great tips and advice? Do you have a special story about raising kids that you’d like to share?

A Word from Dad – No doubt about it, dad’s rock! This is a column that is written by dads of multiples and should give us an idea of what it’s like parenting twins/multiples from a father’s point of view.

Health and Wellness – Want to talk health? Medical needs, unique diagnoses, pregnancy awareness, and any other health or wellness topics are always welcome.

Tales from Twins – Are you a twin and want to share your story? Tell us about your own particular slice of twin life.

Moms Stories – Being a Mom of multiples is a unique experience full of laughter, hardship, joy and stress. Feel free to share your experiences.

Share your Story here!

We’re always interested in:

  • Tips and advice from experts
  • Stories, personal essays and inspiration
  • Humorous pieces about life with multiples
  • Deep dive into parenting topics relevant to twins or mutiples
  • Recipes and craft ideas
  • Product reviews (twin specific products please!)
  • How-to’s

The article should be written aligning with the following guidelines:

  • Articles should be submitted as Word or Google docs.
  • Articles typically run from 500 to 1000 words, but submissions of any length up to 2,000 words will be considered.
  • At the beginning of the article, include a suggested title and author name before the body of the text.
  • Where applicable, all citations should be in endnotes and not in the text. Number endnotes sequentially with Arabic numbers. Use the endnote function in your word processing program so that the notes appear at the end of the article.
  • Font should be 12-point, whether in normal, bold, or italic. Please do not insert line breaks in the text or special spacing for formatting. Single space following period between sentences, not two spaces.
  • Paragraph breaks should be indicated by an extra line space rather than a tab space at the beginning of a paragraph.
  • Only the left-hand margin should be justified.
  • If you include images that you own, please do not embed in article. Note: Not all images will be used
  • If available, please include your bio and headshot to be included with your piece.Also, if you have specific pictures you want included in your piece, then please include those at the time of submission.

Share your Story here!


PLEASE NOTE that we no longer accept submissions of printed photographs. All photo submissions should now be uploaded to our Double Takes page.

For the best chance of having your photo published in Twins Magazine or featured on our social media channels, here are a few tips to keep in mind:

  • Sharp focus
  • Crisp, clean, vivid color (no blue or yellow cast)
  • Good, attractive lighting (no high shadow contrasts, no “red eye”)
  • Uncluttered backgrounds
  • Happy, upbeat conditions where possible
  • Try to be / have your twins/multiples close together in the photo and not too far apart
  • High-definition photographs are preferred
  • Be submitted as either a JPEG, PNG or GIF file with a minimum resolution of 300dpi.

For sending a photograph or other content to TWINS™ Magazine, TWINS™ Magazine asks for all non-exclusive rights to use submitted written content and images in any digital or printed editions of the magazine, as well as on and in any of our other social media, marketing or promotional materials. You always retain ownership of your written work or images.  Your name will appear in association with printed (non-photographic) content.

Photos may have our official logo placed on the front. You should have proper ownership/rights to the photographs in order to grant us permissions to use them.

Share your Story here!