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TWINS™ Magazine is the premiere magazine for parents of multiples, from twins and triplets to quadruplets, quintuplets and more! Published bi-monthly or six times each year, TWINS™ Magazine is the “bible of parenting multiples,” loved by moms and dads of twins and higher-order multiples since 1984.

TWINS™ Magazine has been loved by Parents of Twins since 1984. We are the premiere publication for everything relating to TWINS!

From the moment couples discover they have a multiple pregnancy, they turn to TWINS™ Magazine for the professional advice and reassurance they find in our articles. Expectant moms pay extra attention to nutrition and physical symptoms and conditions during a multiples pregnancy. Parents want to know the risks that are involved, including specific twin-related health risks such as TTTS (Twin-to-Twin Transfusion Syndrome). They prepare for twins by reviewing research on breastfeeding, schedules for newborn twins, baby furniture, products and supplies for two or more.

Life with twins is a very different experience when buying two of everything.

TWINS™ Magazine is the ultimate parenting tool with content devoted exclusively to issues of twinship, twin bonding, twin prematurity rates, pregnancy, co-bedding, multiples in the NICU, colic or digestion problems, special needs and every subject related to coping with infant multiples. Other topics regularly covered include: physical development, language development, sleeping, twin behavior, and the importance of developing each twin’s individual identity.

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