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September October 2004

by Twins Magazine

In this edition:

ADHD and multiples A family affair
An artichoke a day
Call Me Nanny.nanny of the year
Do you know.
Does slower socialemotional development lead to problems in later childhood
Give me a break
Halloween costumes
Help for family with
Home schooling help
How I lost my e-mail drive
Improving the outcomes of MA pregnancies
Life with Twins
More than identical monoamniotic
Only 21 states offer core
Preemie Catch-up Social-Emotional Development in Premature Infants
Report from Dr.Germ Rub-a-dub-dub
RSV can `hit and hide’
School advancement all or nothing
School perspective
The little things
2004SepOct\The roots of self-concept
2004SepOct\Timing is everything. almost
2004SepOct\Toddler twin tips
2004SepOct\Twin Discrimination
2004SepOct\TWINS Magazine Message
2004SepOct\What about the multiple-birth family
2004SepOct\What if my babies don’t “hit the marks” on the charts What should I do
2004SepOct\What role does “play” play
2004SepOct\Wrong emphasis
2004SepOct\Zygosity testing

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