twin pregnancy

Got Twin Skin?

Vowed to get rid of it this year? Many moms of twins battle the floppy flap that hangs over the jeans long after the births of their babies. The “twin skin” club is exclusive and members love to share their…

Are you teaching your twins to be sick?

By Patricia Edminster, Ph.D. During the preschool years, many behaviors become regular responses to specific situations.  In the case of childhood hypochondria – the imagining or exaggerating of medical symptoms – it’s important for parents to decide if their twins…
twin girls

When One Twin is Shy

By Brenda A. Henderson, Ph.D. Nicole peeks around her mother’s side to watch Rachel chatter with the cashier in the grocery store. While at a family gathering, Jordan quickly agrees with whatever activity Jeffrey suggests. Colleen entertains a circle of…
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