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Top 5 Indoor Activities for Spring Break

by Twins Magazine

When the Spring Break weather decides not to cooperate, we’re here to help. Keep your kids engaged and entertained until things dry up outside!

Hallway Laser Maze

How to play:

  • Using the crepe paper/streamers and nonstick tape, tape strips across a hallway in your home, zig-zag, back and forth down the length of the hallway.
  • Have your children work through the maze by not touching any of the streamers. If they touch one or one falls off the wall, they will need to redo the maze.

Here’s the full activity description.‍

Photo Booth Phrenzy

Ideas for the photo booth:
  • Make real-life Snapchat filters, then take a pic side-by-side with Snapchat (be sure to have art supplies and costumes on hand).
  • Recreate pictures you already have from old family vacations, school pics, pictures of parents, grandparents, or a family member’s wedding, etc.
  • Grab props you have around the house – the sillier the better!
  • Gather as many clothes/costumes as possible and place them in a pile. Then set up the phone to take pictures in continuous, 10-second shooting mode.
  • Have someone yell out a theme for each picture but only once the 10-second timer starts. Better get in costume fast!‍

Painting Inside Circles

Here are the directions:
  • Step 1: By dipping a cardboard tube into the black paint, create circles on the paper. Overlapping is encouraged to create more patterns to fill in. Let it sit for a few minutes.
  • Step 2: Using the colored paints, start to fill in the shapes that have been created by the overlapped circle patterns.
  • Step 3: Since the pattern has been created with the black circles, they can be colored in with crayons or colored pencils for older children.

Although this activity is simple, it has many benefits.

  • Your child is developing motor skills by learning how to move their fingers and wrist effectively. When they’re scribbling, they tend to just move in straight lines but when they draw or paint circles, they learn how to move their fingers and wrist to adjust to the curve – this later helps them with writing!
  • It adds to their spatial abilities. When they learn how to paint within boundaries, they start planning within and around them. They begin to understand the relationship between different shapes and objects.
  • When kids are coloring inside the lines, they’re learning about cause and effect. As tempting as it is to color outside the lines, this activity also tests their self-control.
  • This simple activity requires them to plan, organize, and remain focused.

Crafting with Buttons

Things your kids can make:
  • Photo frame: Pick up a wooden frame from craft or dollar store and either paint a base color and then glue the buttons on top or just glue buttons to the wood.
  • Letter art: Pick up the canvas from craft or dollar store and either paint a base coat or glue onto the white surface. Help your child by drawing the letter of their name on the canvas and then they can build out their own letter button art.
  • Glass Jar: An empty jar that you were about to recycle can be up-cycled to a new pencil holder for your child’s desk. Glue buttons directly to the glass.

Check out more ideas here.

Spring Green Veggie Platter

How to assemble:
  • Pick your favorite green vegetables
  • Arrange on your favorite platter and serve with a great dip!

Here’s the full activity description.‍

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