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Witch Paper Doll Halloween Craft for Kids

by Twins Magazine

I know it is only September but, Halloween is happening at our house now! As soon as August is gone, we are full-blown Halloween decorations over in these parts! We LOVE Halloween! And what better way to get things in gear than with this adorable witch paper doll Halloween craft for kids! So fun!

There are SO many fun Halloween crafts for kids and so my kids are really busy during this time of year. They are always looking up fun crafts for kids to make and decorate our home with. I love it!

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Witch Paper Doll

What I have here for you today, is a super easy and super cute little witch paper doll craft that you can make with your kids or just have your kids make it. I like to sit by my babies and make crafts with them. Making crafts (and memories!) is so much fun! Grab the directions for the witch paper doll Halloween craft for kids, below!

Witch Paper Doll Halloween Craft for Kids

Who doesn’t just love cute witches? I know we do! And, these adorable paper doll witches will definitely make you smile every time you see them! You can hang or display them anywhere in your home and they are even fun to play with!

Here is how to make these witch paper doll Halloween craft for kids:

List of Supplies:

Art Supplies

1. Colored craft papers
2. Pencil
3. Scissors
4. Craft glue
5. Sharpie

6. Witch Template (Grab it HERE!)


Step -1:
Select different colored craft papers (I’m using black and grey for the dress, brown for the hat, mint for the body and hands; and pink/orange colored paper for the hair). Trace the template patterns on the selected craft papers and cut them out nicely.

Witch template

Step -2:
Stick the strip cutout near the bottom side of the hat pattern.

Step – 3:
Attach the scalloped border cutout along the bottom side of the skirt pattern. Attach the collar cutout on the neck part of the top (dress) pattern.

Step – 4:
Attach the hand cutouts on the open ends of the sleeve parts of the top pattern.

paper witch

Step – 5:
Attach the top pattern (along with the hands) on the body part of the body base pattern. Attach the skirt pattern on the bottom side of the top pattern.

Step – 6:
Cut a slit along the yellow marked line on the hair cutout.

Witch Paper Doll

Step – 7:
Slide the head part through the slit of the hair cut out from the bottom side. Keep the top part of the slit to the front of the head. Apply glue to fix the hair with the head.

paper doll witch

Step – 8:
Attach the hat on the top of the hair. Use a black sharpie to draw the eyes, nose, and mouth of the paper witch doll.

paper crafts

Let me know if you make this cute little witch paper doll Halloween craft for kids! I would love to know how it turned out! If you liked this fun kids craft then be sure to check out my sensory play cloud dough!

Witch Paper Doll

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