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5 Cool Activities To Beat the Heat This Week

by Twins Magazine

It’s hot out there. While some are cottaging on lakes or cooling off in their pools, the rest of us need to get creative in getting our kids out the door and active while keeping them cool (not to mention you).

With that, here are five excellent summer activities tailored for kids of all ages and stripes to enjoy while beating the heat. Why not bundle these activities together (see further below) and make a full day of it with your kids, or do one each day through to the weekend?

Activity #1: Sponge Water Bombs

This one’s great for active kids who also like crafts, and a fun way to keep them cool after creating their own sponge water bombs.


  • Kitchen sponges in various colors
  • String (or twine)
  • Scissors
  • Ruler


  1. Grab 3 multicolored sponges. Use a ruler to create little marks at the end of each sponge in order to create 1″ strips.
  2. Cut your strips, then stack strips three high and three wide.
  3. Be sure to mix different colors to create colorful bombs.
  4. Wrap your string down the middle around your stack.
  5. Once the string is even, tie a tight knot. Double knot a few times.
  6. Bombs Away!

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Bonus: Here are more fun sponge bomb games to play with your kids.‍

Activity #2: Water Balloon Toss

This tried-and-true outdoor activity provides another fun way to break the heat and bring on the giggles with you and your kids. Call it the ultimate COVID-cabin-fever buster.‍


  • Balloons
  • Water from hose or sink‍


  1. Depending on the number of participants, fill a sufficient number of water balloons with very cold water.
  2. Pick partners or stand in a circle.
  3. Toss the balloon to each other. Each time participants successfully catch the balloon without breaking it, either move farther apart or if you’re in teams, widen the circle.
  4. Play until the tossed balloon falls, breaks on the ground or on the receiver.
  5. Hilarity ensues!‍

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Activity #3: Backyard Water Slide

Low maintenance and tons of fun, the backyard water slide is a classic camp activity and one of our favorites!‍


  • Tarp
  • Water
  • Shampoo


  1. Spread a plastic tarp out over a sloped area in your yard.
  2. Hang the garden hose over the clothesline, and choose a light spray setting.
  3. Drizzle shampoo or dish detergent over the tarp and enough water spray to make the slide slippery.
  4. Make sure to have plenty of shampoo or dish detergent on hand!

Activity #4: Slip ‘n Slide Hockey


  1. Spray the rink surface with water, shampoo, or dish soap so you can slip and slide.
  2. Use pool noodles or boxes for goals, small balls for pucks and mini sticks or cut up pool noodles for hockey sticks.
  3. Play individually or in small teams – try to get as many goals as possible! 

Check out the rules here.

Activity #5: Nature Scavenger Hunt

Check out this printable here

For kids more inclined to head to their favorite wooded area near you this summer, a nature scavenger hunt is just the ticket.

Activity overview:

There’s a reason why the good old fashion scavenger hunt’s been around for a long time – because it’s so much fun!

Escape from your house and hold your scavenger hunt at a local park or green space. Your kids will love this adventure outdoors, while reaping the proven mental and physical effects of forest bathing.

Make your own scavenger hunt items list (see image above) and have the kids check them off their list one by one as they find them.

More nature-related activities:


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