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September October 2011

by Twins Magazine

In this edition:

Babying BOTH Babies
Cut the Chaos & Adopt a Color Coding System
Does Alcoholism Run in Families What Twin Research Reveals.
Don’t Worry-Be Happy
Happy LABOR Day!
Hearing Impaired Parenting Disability of a Defense Mechanism
It’s Like Winning the Lottery for a Twin!
Meeting in the Middle
Miracles in the Making
My Sister’s Keeper One twin’s tale of how alcohol destroyed their twinship!
New children’s book written by twin sisters!
Output Services
Perfect portions for your pre-school pair
Teen Twins Kenzie and Kierra Fisher are Dancing their Way to Stardom
The Importance of Monitoring
The Ties that Bond
Tiffany and Tess McDunn are Twins with Talent!
Tips & Tricks for Pre-School Age Twins
Toys More Than Simply Playthings
Twins Devin and Jason McCourty are ready for some Football! A double dose of the NFL
Twins in the NFL.a brief history
Twins with Autism 11 Tips Parents Need to Know!
WIns’ roLes In aLcoHoL researcH
Unique is BETTER than equal!
We want to hear from you!
When One Twin is Sick Tips for Pa rents!

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