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January February 2013

by Twins Magazine

In this edition:

13 Tips to Teach Kids Love The Power of Positive Parenting
Are things getting too hectic in your life
Be prepared for the Placement of your Multiples in School
Birthday Banner
Charlotte Eisgrou & Ann Primack Are Oldest Living Identical Twins at the Age of 103.
Chomp Five tips for dealing with children who bite
Could Now Adult Twins Been Afflicted by TTTS at Birth
Helpful References for Educators and Administrators
How do I know if my children should be in the separate or in the same classroom
How do I work with my school to ensure the best possible support for my children
Introducing Twin Sisters Productions
JanuaryFebruary 2013 Baby-Proofing Shopping List
LET’S CELEBRATE Birthday Ideas for Parents with Twins & Multiples
Olsen Twins Look-a-Likes!
On Twins & Kitchen Safety
Protecting them against RSV
Run-of-the-Mill Safety Stuff
Some Learning Differences among Twin Siblings
Take it seriously!
Technology Helps Twins Celebrate 20th Birthday!
The Genetic Ties to Your Pregnancy
The Red Dress
Throwing Twin Birthday Parties and Tips to Consider
TWINS Magazine Archives-excerpts from Abigail Van Buren “Dear Abby’s” perspective.
TWINS Magazine Archives-excerpts from Ann Lander’s perspective.
TWINS Magazine Celebrates 29-years with this issue!
Twins separated after birth reunite after 65 years
Unique Identical Twin Art Show in Lake Forest!
Wanted Some Peace & Quiet
You Know You Have Multiples if
`Dear Abby’ Advice Columnist Dies at Age 94

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