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Time Capsule For Kids: Time Capsule Ideas!

by Twins Magazine

Since being home daily with my kids, we’re finding some pretty fun things to do together! Lately, it has been about time capsules! I searched for time capsule ideas, a time capsule for kids, and came up with a ton of fun ideas!

Now it is a dang good time to make a time capsule for kids too! Why? Because on the news coronavirus pops up EVERYWHERE! School closings are crazy! Let’s get our minds off of that for at least a moment! We are living in a time where it is so odd and one that our kids will want to tell their kids about one day. So, why not capture these moments and let our kids tell their stories about how they are coping with this quarantine? Why not let our children make a time capsule!

Let’s get our minds off of these coronavirus top stories, 2020 COVID, local news, and weather alerts! Let’s do something fun! That is where this time capsule for kids comes into play!

Time Capsule Ideas

You can have each one of your kids make their own or you can have your kids make one together. We chose to make one together! That way, when it is dug up in about 10 or so years, everything will be in one spot! You can even do a video so you remember this day! So many ways to fill up that time capsule!

What kind of container do you want to store your time capsule in?

Remember, it should be a container that will not disintegrate! You don’t want to dig up your time capsule only to see the container no longer is there and all your precious memories are ruined! I recommend a metal container or a wooden one.

X marks the spot! Where do you want to bury your time capsule?

Choose the perfect spot for your time capsule. If you plan on moving before you dig up your time capsule, you will want to mark the time capsule spot (you obviously need to do that anyways to dig it up years later!), so you can dig it up and move your time capsule with you!

Choose a theme!

What do you want your time capsule to be about? Your family? Your pets? Your day-to-day life? Choose a theme and the rest will follow!

What do you want to put inside your time capsule?

Get together items that you want to include in your time capsule. It can be things, such as a list of your favorite foods, a picture or pictures of you and your bestie, a note that your mom wrote to you, your email address, what is the community you live in like, favorite sports, or anything! Get that all together!

Print out a fun printable!

There are so many fun printables for time capsules. Things like ‘all about me,’ ‘dear future me,’ a list of your favorite things, current things going on in the world, or whatever! A printable allows you to really show and explain to your future self, how things are now!

Make a map!

You won’t want to forget where you buried your time capsule! So, be sure to draw a map and put it somewhere safe, so that you can easily find your time capsule when it is time to dig it up!

Once you have all your time capsule for kids stuff together, now is the time to start on your time capsule! This is the FUN part, says me!

Creating Your Time Capsule!

Since you already know the container your time capsule will be in, and you have all the stuff to go inside of your time capsule, let’s start putting it together!
  • Go to the location that you are to bury your time capsule in. Dig the hole deep enough so that it will be buried completely. Usually, around 2 feet is a good depth.
  • Add the special things you collected, to your time capsule container.
  • Fill out any printables you want to include in your time capsule
  • Make sure you securely close your time capsule container so that no dirt or elements get into your time capsule.
  • Put your time capsule in the ground and cover it completely and pat the dirt above it to ensure your time capsule is securely buried in the ground.
  • Put the map on where to find your time capsule, in a secure and safe spot so you can find it later!

Free Printables!

Below are some FREE time capsules for kid’s printables! I made a few for you to choose from!
All About Me Time Capsule Printable (Download HERE)
All About Me (Download it HERE)
Snapshot of My Year (Download HERE)
A Letter To My Future Self (Download HERE)
Predictions for the future (Download HERE)
Where I Buried My Time Capsule Map (Download HERE)

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