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Twins’ Night Before Christmas - A Twins Tale

by Kristen Fescoe

It’s late Christmas Eve when this story begins.

In the home of Matilda and Monica, twins! Identical sisters, who look just the same, are worried that Santa may not know their names!

When visiting Santa out at the big mall. They stood next to him confidently tall. “Matilda, you are quite a gymnast,” he said. “I like your fine medal that hangs by your bed, And, Monica’s trophy from her last recital; You’re quite a pianist; there is no denial.”

How did Santa do it? Did he just guess? Twins identity crisis can cause so much stress!

If friends cannot do it, how did this jolly elf recognize each twin for her unique self? Was Santa just lucky to get their names right? Will he really know them on Christmas Eve night? Momma said that Santa’s observant and smart. Does he have the secret that tells twins apart? The twins are fashioning an early gift from momma – names monogrammed on plaid Christmas pajamas – they decided to put Santa to the big test.

After all, he was Santa and he should know best. Matilda and Monica made a big swap; They switched out their new Christmas pajama tops! Ready to face Santa with a twin game, Matilda wore Monica’s and her sister took her name.

As mom and dad slept, the girls crawled quietly to position themselves ‘neath their bright Christmas tree. Momma knew they were anxious, so she’d understand. And she said that Santa’s a twin’s biggest fan. They waited for hours not making a peep. But, before they knew it, the twins fell asleep.

Then Santa arrived and much to his chagrin, he tumbled as he almost stepped on a twin! “A Twin Slumber Party? Not in anyone’s dream on Christmas Eve night! This must be a scheme!” said Santa, observant and so wise. And he was not fooled by their pajama-switch disguise. Placing presents for Monica and Matilda, Santa knew he still had one last thing to do.

Beside each girl’s present, he left a note. Here are the wise words that Santa wrote: Twins are a gift to the world, times two. But the real blessings lie in each of you. Though you may look alike, you’re uniquely apart, by actions and words that define separate hearts. So be true to yourself though others may guess, your face with your name will outshine the rest.

The girls were awakened by paws on the roof. Was that Santa leaving? Did they miss their proof? But the note Santa left them gave their names a new light. And they heard him exclaim as he drove out of sight, “Celebrate twins! Forget all the drama! I know who you are, so switch back your pajamas and hop back in bed.”

Cynthia F. Panks, age 63 is the proud grandmother to two sets of twins! Writing is one of her favorite past times. She had two daughters who both delivered twins! Madison and Mackenzi are 14-years-old. Sydney and Shelby are 7-years-old. She wanted to write a Christmas poem on the uniqueness of being a twin since there weren’t many holiday-themed poems or songs for twins.

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