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Why Teacher “Thank You” Notes Matter

by Jane Kristoffy

How can you help your kids show genuine gratitude for teachers at the end of the school year? It’s an important question to consider after more than a year of pandemic uncertainty, pivots and perseverance; throughout, our kids’ teachers have shown up through thick and thin.

Gratitude is one of the most important skills to nurture in our children, and creating a thoughtful gift for their teachers is a great way to show it!

Sit down and brainstorm gift ideas with your kids. To get your creative juices flowing, here are two great, gratitude-based ideas to get you started.

How to Create an Acrostic Poem With Your Teacher’s Name: 

  1. On a rough piece of paper, start your first draft of the poem by printing your teacher’s name in capital letters vertically on the page. Then, brainstorm everything you can about your teacher, e.g., what are his/her characteristics and funny habits? What’s your favorite memory of him/her? What are some important things you learned from your teacher?
  2. Each line of the acrostic poem starts with a letter in the teacher’s name, written vertically. Using the ideas you brainstormed, match words with the appropriate letter. Younger students may want to choose one or two adjectives for each letter. Older students can try writing sentences using figurative language and rhythm — you don’t have to complete each letter in order.
  3. When you finish your first draft, reread it a few times for edits and use a thesaurus for more accurate and engaging vocabulary. Listen to your poem as you read it aloud to make sure the words sound pleasing together.
  4. Check for accurate spelling and grammar.
  5. Create a “good copy” with materials such as construction paper, pencil crayons, crayons, markers, tissue paper, and glue.

The Perfect Hand-Written Note For Teachers:

  1. Encourage your child to print a note for their teachers on attractive stationery or craft paper. Before writing, have your kids talk about their teacher. Reflect on memories of the year and feelings of gratitude. Show your child how to create a hand-written note with a greeting, two to three sentences on why your child appreciates their teacher, and a closing (i.e., a conclusion),
  2. Writing thank-you cards is a dying craft in our digital world. Still, it’s a skill that encourages thoughtfulness and sincerity. When your kids take the time to put pencil to card and share their appreciation of their teachers in a heartfelt way,  you’ll leave an impression on the recipient. You’ll make their day, too!
  3. If there are classroom assistants, be sure to show your appreciation for them as well.

Showing gratitude boosts our overall mental health. Build this skill with your kids at the end of the school year and show how much you appreciate them. In the process, your children will build strong communication skills and bring a smile to their teachers’ faces.


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