Mom and Dad – The Ultimate Uber Drivers

Just about any mom of teens are tweens can join in lamenting over the torture of caravaning their child all over town. Sports, clubs, activities, time with friends… great for our kids social lives but less so for their parents. When you have twin teens to cart around it can feel like a driving service with no tips involved.

Here is our list of five ways to survive life as a glorified taxi service.

#1: Audiobooks

One way to really get the most of your travel time is to spend it reading. Well, listening. Audiobooks can help pass the time while you keep your eyes on the road. They even afford you the chance to read that book you have had your eye on.

Services like Audible or Google Play make it easy and portable.

#2: Keep Your Car Stocked

Another way to make driving your kids all over time a little less cumbersome is to keep you car stocked. Make sure your console or glove box has your favorite snacks, tissues, gum, mints, or whatever else you might want on hand. You can take it a step further and keep things like your favorite hand lotion or lip balm handy do you can hydrate while you wait.

#3: The Right Playlists

Carting kids is not complete without the right tunes. We recommend creating various playlists for all your family’s moods. One playlist for pumping up the kids before a game or match. Another to chill out when they feel chatty.

And don’t forget to make one (or two) just for you.

#4: Keep Busy While You Wait

It’s happened to every parent. The practice runs 20 minutes late and you are stuck in the parking lot waiting it out. When you have twins or more, the chances for that opportunity to sit and wait it out are even higher.

Before you leave the house take a couple minutes and find something that might keep you busy. Keep a book in the glovebox, your favorite puzzle book or crossword nearby or even catch up on some work or emails.

#5: Travel in Comfort

If you are going to spend hours in your car each week getting your teens where they need to be, you might as well be comfortable when you do it. During the winter months, keep a small blanket nearby to stay warm. Splurge and find yourself a relaxing seat cushion or cover. If you are lucky enough to be in the market for a new car, upgrade for those heated seats.

If you are fortunate enough to get your tweens or teens talking in the car, consider it a gift. In those moments turn down the music and minimize distractions. But if they are not in the mood for a chat, there’s no reason you can’t focus on yourself and enjoy your time as a teen taxi service.

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