The Importance of Twinproofing


When babies start crawling, their horizons expand tremendously and your life becomes vastly more complicated. When you are trying to stay on top of the whereabouts of two new movers, it is even trickier. 

This is why it is critical for parents to be one step ahead as the babies begin to explore and examine their wider world. This is when childproofing becomes so important. 

Childproofing for maximum safety in the home is a must.

  • Use safety gates at doors and stairs.
  • Install locks on the toilet seats.
  • Protect babies from fireplaces or other hard surfaces.
  • Relocate pet food and water dishes.
  • Move heavy objects from low tables. 
  • Store medicines, cosmetics and sharp objects on high shelves.
  • Cover all electrical outlets with baby safety plugs.
  • Put locks on the kitchen and bathroom cabinets.
  • Make sure your trash cans are not readily accessible to the babies. 
  • Move house plants up off the floor and out of reach.
  • Tie up cords from window blinds.
  • Ensure that all windows and doors are securely latched. 
  • Watch for furniture that is a tipping hazard. You can use safety latches to secure them to a wall. 

Take a look at your world from a hands-and-knees perspective and remove, lock, cover, relocate and eliminate any potential dangers. 

And remember, there is no need to wait until babies are crawling to start babyproofing.

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