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Holiday 2008

by Twins Magazine

In this edition:

A Miracle in the Making.
Artichoke Spinach Dip
asking if they’re `natural’ doesn’t bother this reader
Assume Nothing When it Comes to Toy Assembly and on Christmas Eve
Celebrating the Holiday Season with Your Twins
Five Things NOT to do Over the Holiday Break
Gift Giving Tips for Your Spouse this Holiday Season
grandmother of twin boys asks for help with keeping her twins together in class
Homemade Instant Hot Chocolate
Life’s Little Treasures…Our Children
Melt in Your Mouth Caramel Corn
mom shares special german holiday tradition
Parents … Cut Out Those Comparisons!
Potty Reflections and the Deep Meaning of Diapers
reader praised twinsT magazine for including stories on adopting twins
Reduce Stress in Your Marriage by Laughing Together
Researching Twins and the Role They Play in Cultures Around the World An interview with twin anthropologist
School Party Craft
stay-at-home-dad of twins sends feedback on last issue’s twin talk column by jeremy greenberg
Struggling in Silence Parenting & Post-Partum Depression
Taking a Break A Parents’ of Multiples Guide to the Holiday Season
The best-ever freebies
The Brentz Twins … a Story
The Facts About Fevers
The Gift of Imagination
The House of Transformation
Tips to Prepare You for Holiday Shopping on the Cheap
Top 10 Ways for Parents of multiples to save Money
twins are finally “pacifree”
Twins in the News
Would Sex and the City’s Carrie & Big Make it Through a Typical Holiday Season (We Doubt It)
Zygosity in Twins

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