May June 2016

In this edition:

90-year-old Twins Take Time Out to Pose with 10-year-old Twins!
Additional tips to prepare your singleton
Allison Smith with LuLaRoe Clothing
Amanda Clark with Steeped Tea
Ask your family & friends to help by
Check Out these Hot New Products Just in Time for Summer!
Dewayne Harper Owner of Twin Peaks Coolers
DOUBLE TALK Do Your Twins Speak in a Secret Language
Even If We BEG
First Aid for Common Injuries
Four-fifths of the Carbone quintuplets
Heather Karpinsky Owner of Baby A & Baby B Clothing
Holly Wood-Glasgow with Pure Romance by HollyWood
Irrational Behavior
Jennifer Eason with Advocare
Kari Willis with ItWorks! Global
Kelly Bamm with Your Inspiration at Home
Know the Facts Before You Sign-Up!
Making Memories & Reaching Milestones.
Marybeth Evans with Touchstone Crystal by Swarovski
Monsters Hiding in their Closet or Under their Bed Tips on Taming Night Terrors.
NEW-Anthology Multiples Illuminated A Collection of Stories and Advice From Parents of Twins
The Best of Both Worlds How Parents of Multiples Run Successful Home-Based Businesses!
The Extra Precautions Pregnant with Multiples
The Good Enough Parent
Toddler Twins Feeding Issues
Welcome Home Ways to Make Lif e a Little Easier f or you and your twins!
We’re Having TWINS! Helping Singletons Understand the Arrival of Two New Babies
What No One Tells You About Parenting Twins

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