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The Rollercoaster Ride

by Jacqueline Kopito

One sunny Saturday morning, my parents surprised us by taking us to Six Flags Great Adventure. Me and my twinny, Amy, were very excited. I couldn’t wait to munch on cotton candy and go on the water slide and the Ferris wheel. Amy couldn’t stop talking about “Rolling Thunder” the huge rollercoaster. This is all she talked about all morning until we arrived at the park.

Even though Amy and I are twins and like a lot of the same things, there are plenty of things that we don’t share a love for; rollercoasters are one of them. I had never been on a rollercoaster, but I knew it wasn’t for me, especially this Rolling Thunder which was made out of wood. I didn’t want to say anything to ruin Amy’s fun. After all, she’d never been on a rollercoaster either, but she thought the ride looked like so much fun. After getting some cotton candy, sliding down the water slide and going on the Ferris wheel, it was time for the rollercoaster. YIKES!! I wasn’t sure how I was going to break the news to her.

As we approached the ride, I hoped I wouldn’t make the height requirement, but no such luck; I made it with a few inches to spare. I didn’t know what to do? I kept on looking at all the people on the ride and they were all screaming their heads off. This made me even more scared! I finally decided to fess up and tell Amy the truth; I was too scared to go on the rollercoaster. I was surprised by Amy’s response, “Why are you being a baby?! Don’t be a chicken head!” Why wasn’t she more understanding? Usually my twinny was. Well, I wasn’t going to let her name calling bother me. I stuck to my guns and told her I wasn’t going and that she should go with Dad. Again, Amy looked at me with disbelief and told me I was being a chicken head!

As we inched towards the front of the line, I saw all the people coming off, laughing and smiling. Some of the kids were even getting right back on line to go again. Hmm… was I overreacting a bit? I began thinking; maybe it’s not so scary. Maybe Amy was right, I was just being a chicken head for no reason.

We were up next when Amy had a change of heart and said to me, “Jackie, you are not a baby if you don’t go on the rollercoaster, but I think it will be really fun and I will hold your hand the entire time.” As usual Amy was being the best twinny ever. She always knows the right thing to say to make me feel better. Now I wasn’t so scared. Maybe I could do this. I smiled at Amy and we both started laughing. Then Amy added, “Sorry for calling you a chicken head”. OK, it was then settled, I was going to take the plunge and go on the rollercoaster.

With my hands sweating and my heart beating a mile a minute, I got on and a few seconds later the teenager put the bar down and locked it. Now there was no turning back. Amy was squeezing my hand through the bar and away we went… Woo wee!!!

What I thought was going to feel like eternity only felt like a half of a second. I had a blast on the rollercoaster! After getting off, Amy turned to me and told me she had the best time. I agreed with her. It was great! She then said, “Let’s do it again!” Without hesitating, I said, “definitely!” as we both got back on line.

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